The axe throwing decompression trend has swept the United States, Australia, and Canada, and a local whirlwind has also attracted many people's attention. The new decompression method allows you to lose all your worries with the axe thrown out.

Axe Factor Pte Ltd, which introduced this new concept of competitive sports to Singapore, was run and managed by three partners. Founders Samuel Tey ,Derrick Loo and Lewis Ng .Since the official opening of Axe Factor in Aug 2018, this novel way of decompression has attracted many members of the public, especially young people, and many companies are also here to host events such as parties, team-building and corporate events.

Our greatest achievements so far, is seeing the rise and growth of our business from our infant stage, all the way till right now, where we have close to a thousand followers on Instagram – and growing. “An up and coming milestone will be our tournament dubbed as Singapore’s first and only axe throwing competition in Asia.

Vision & Mission

Our vision to create First Asia Axe Throwing Tournament and make Axe Throwing as a Sport in Sea Games.

Our mission is to expand our Axe throwing range in almost every part of Asia through Franchise model.

Our Achievement in year 2019

Our Achievement in December 2019

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